Self-Help Resources

It is not uncommon for a person to want to represent themself and want to take the “do it youself” appoach.  And frankly, if you have the time, and the expertise to do it yourself, why should you hire an attorney.  There are several good websites available for the “do it yourselfer”.  Some of them offer basic forms and instructions.  In particular, the Colorado Supreme Court offers the following website for self help:

HOWEVER, there is a reason lawyers spend several years getting an undergraduate degree followed by several years of law school, and taking a multi-day test to get licensed as an attorney.  The field of law can be complicated, and there are many ways to mess things up.  If you have a very simple legal issue, you may try it on your own.  But if you have complex issues, or significant assets/money at stake, you would be well advised to at least consult an attorney, whether it is us or someone else.

If you can not afford an attorney, consider requesting assistance through Colorado Legal Aid or various pro bono programs.  Larimer County legal resources (including the pro bono program) can be found at this link:  For other counties, consult your local bar association.  A directory of those bar association can be found at this link: