Frequent Questions

Court Processes

How long does the litigation process take?
The timing of a litigation case will depend greatly upon the type of case, the cooperation level of the other party, and the procedures required by the court.

How should I present myself and what should I wear for an upcoming court appearance?
Depending upon your case, there are different court officers whom you may be meeting. Examples of these different court representatives are County Court Judges, District Court Judges, District Court Magistrates, County Court Magistrates, Mediators, and Family Court Facilitator. You should present yourself in a professional manner. We recommend that you dress comfortably, but as if you were going to an interview for a job.


Why is the settlement in a divorce called a “separation agreement” when I am not separating from my spouse, I am getting a divorce?
The term Separation Agreement refers to the final (or in some cases, partial) marital agreement in a domestic relations case wherein the parties agree to certain terms. This is basically a settlement agreement between you and your spouse. A Separation Agreement can be used in legal separation cases, as well as, divorce cases.


If I want to learn more about my type of legal case, is there a website I can go to?
There are several websites that have information to help aid in researching your case. Please refer to our Self-Help page for more information regarding these various online sites.

Regarding Our Firm

Does your law firm give free consultations?
The attorney will speak with you on the phone briefly,  to get an overview of your case, and determine the nature and complexity of your situation. However, in most situations, our standard hourly rates will apply beginning with the first office conference.

What kind of payment methods does your law firm accept?
Our law firm accepts the following credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.  Payment by credit cards can be processed over the phone if you desire.  We also accept checks, cash, or money order.  In addition, we accept payments via Paypal (for your convenience, a link has been provided on this website).

Where are you located?
Our office is located at 222 West Magnolia Street, Fort Collins, CO 80521. It is one block North of Mulberry Street, in between Howes Street and Mason Street. Our office is located directly north of and across the street from US Bank.

Do your attorneys practice in any other state other than Colorado?
Our attorneys are only licensed to practice in the state of Colorado. However, Colorado courts may have jurisdiction over a case despite the fact that a person may live in another state. Please contact our office to speak with an attorney to help determine which state has jurisdiction over your case.

I want an aggressive attorney to represent me in my legal matter. Are your attorneys aggressive and will they fight for me?
First of all, having an aggressive attorney does not necessarily mean you have a better attorney.  It is not always in your best interest to have an aggressive attorney.  Sometimes, having an “aggressive attorney” simply means that you are paying more money, but end up with the same result.  What the client really should look for, is an attorney that can be aggressive when necessary, but one that can also work cooperatively and professionally with others, to resolve issues without involving the court.   An aggressive attorney cannot change the law for you, and cannot change your facts; but an aggressive attorney should know the legal tools available, and know when to use them.  And yes, we can and will be aggressive, when it is necessary.